1. Register with JNF Canada: Choose the short, medium, or long route and complete your payment. Your fundraising page will automatically be set up in your Participation Centre – just add email addresses to start fundraising, if you wish (see below). Feel free to edit the text in the pre-loaded emails to give it a personal touch. If you make an additional donation (more than just the registration fee) make sure to register with the name you want on your tax receipt. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration, which includes a link to your Participation Centre and a choice of links to continue your registration (see step 3).

2. Email your friends and family (optional): In your Participation Centre, you can upload an email list of those you want to reach out to for donations and support (note: their emails are not stored after the campaign, unless they make a donation). They can donate directly to your fundraising page. You can decide how many times you want to reach out over the summer. We recommend a minimum of 2… people often want to support you but just need a friendly reminder! This can all be done automatically.

3. Set up your My Virtual Mission activity account: In the confirmation email from JNF Canada there's a link to set up your activity account on the My Virtual Mission website. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNKMAIL. Click on the link for the route you’ve chosen, then CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT on In your Account Settings on you can add your photo and connect your social media if you wish. Here are detailed instructions for

4. Yallah! Get active! Each time you complete an activity, enter your distance into your account, either on the website ( or download the My Virtual Mission app for your phone. You can also connect Strava, Garmin or other fitness devices and apps, to automatically upload your workout - see "My Connections" on the My Virtual Mission website, or click here. Use the conversion chart to convert stationary activities (ie yoga, Stairmaster) into mileage, or time exercising into mileage.

5. Explore Israel! Along your route, enjoy the view. Look around using Streetview (My Virtual Mission has a built-in button), learn about the landscape and nearby JNF projects, and receive postcards from the landmarks you’re passing. You can share these with your supporters.

6. Win prizes: At the end of the summer, you’ll be rewarded for your hard work! Everyone who completes a route will get rewarded, but anyone who fundraises $500 or more will get 10% of the value of their fundraising back in gift cards for major national sports/fitness stores. More details here. Or you can choose to donate your prize back to JNF – see that option under the registration choices.

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