Yallah: Arabic slang for "come on!" or "let's go!"; a playful word that means it's time to get a move on.

Summer is here! Kick off the new season with a summer challenge: From now until Sept 19, travel virtually in Israel as you exercise, hitting beautiful Israel milestones, and winning prizes while you support a great project!

1. Get Active

We’ve all been stuck inside during winter lockdown. This summer, let’s get moving together! With your family or on your own, log your activities and reach your exercise and movement goals this summer!

2. Explore Israel

Every kilometer you log moves you along beautiful routes, including Israel National Trail. At each milestone, learn about the landscape, landmarks, and JNF projects nearby, on this virtual mission to Israel.

3. Support a Project

Fundraise to help those who can’t move this summer. The ADI Nahalat Eran Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital will provide patients with complex disabilities and medical conditions, with critical rehabilitation to improve their everyday lives. Extra fundraising isn't mandatory, but it's the primary means of supporting this project. Encourage your friends to start their own fundraising page!

How does it work?

Run, bike, walk, roll, swim, row or yoga! Whatever you choose, log your activities, and watch yourself move along a map of your route. Any activity counts, even stationary machines! Our fitness platform, My Virtual Mission, converts your exercise into distance and keeps track of your progress along the route. Want to see where you are? Use the Google Streetview function to look around your location in Israel. There are many things to see along every route! See instructions.


This summer campaign is raising money for the ADI Nahalat Eran Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital in Ofakim, Israel (learn more here). The hospital treats patients with disabilities through rehabilitation and movement, as well as those who have suffered trauma. Support this life-changing work by raising funds from your friends and family, easily managed through your personal online fundraising page. While fundraising isn't mandatory, there’s almost nothing for you to do (thank you automation!) and the more you raise, the better the prizes (more information here)!


Everyone who completes a route gets something, but raising at least $500 gets you 10% of your fundraising dollars back to you in gift cards to national sports and health oriented stores like Sporting Life, Sports Experts, Jugo Juice, and more. Prizes will be determined on the last day of the event, September 19. For more detailed information, click here.


If you have questions about how to sign up, click here or email us.